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protect your car from road salt

Six Steps to Stop Salt from Hurting Your Car

The Rust Belt got its name from the large concentration of industry in those states, with much of that concentration related to metalwork and manufacturing. Notoriously severe winters may also have contributed to the name, as the region is a pioneer of using salt and brine to de-ice roads. Salt lowers the freezing-point of water […]

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ram southern pines

Ram Chief Talks Trucks, Dodge Shakes and Bakes

Recently, the CEO of Ram Trucks, Robert Hegbloom, sat down for some Q and A with the folks over at Car and Driver. They discussed a number of topics, ranging from recent success and growth, to aluminum, to midsize pickups. While answering one question about Ram’s increased volume sales last year, Hegbloom hit upon the […]

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Why do automakers camouflage cars?

If you follow a lot of car news, you’re probably familiar with the cycle that bloggers and journalists go through every time a new car is on its way to the street. There’s the initial announcement, followed by some teased sketches, then maybe a concept car or a prototype, and eventually the production model is […]

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