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The 2016 Car Salesperson Reviewed: What’s New

Every year new vehicles roll out to dealerships with features and upgrades, but less attention is paid to improvements on the model year of salespeople. We here at Leith have been working hard on our new salespeople, hence this review. Exterior We are pleased to announce that sales consultants this year will come with a […]

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What Does “Defensive Driving” Mean?

Do you like money? One way to avoid spending money is to be a defensive driver. Defensive driving means to be so paranoid about how you drive that you’re watching everything around you with the eyes of a hawk. A focused, undistracted, non-drowsy hawk. What are the basics of defensive driving? Don’t assume you know […]

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5 Reasons You Should Totally Get a Truck

People get down on trucks with outdated information and negativity that rains on our parade. Because of this, many people spread misinformation that makes trucks look impractical, silly, and absurd. While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, we’re here to counter the five most frequently raised objections to owning a pickup truck. Formal […]

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