An Official Jeep Guide to Summer

Fast cars, long nights, bare feet, cold drinks, open tops, removed doors, good music, deep tans, fresh fish, beach trips, skinny dips—all of these are part of our favorite season in North Carolina: summer.

Sure, it gets humid, mosquitoes are rampant and days can get hot enough to make a dog hide under the porch all afternoon. That just makes swimming that much better.

There’s a lot to do in the summer, so to help you plan it out, we present: The Official Jeep Guide to Summer.


If anyone says these dates are incorrect, we advise you to tell them they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Sunscreen Day – May 27

Hamburger Day – May 28

Water a Flower Day – May 30

National Rocky Road Day – June 2

National Doughnut Day (always the first Friday in June) – June 6

Best Friends Day – June 8

Iced Tea Day – June 10

Father’s Day – June 15

Go Fishing Day – June 18

Ice Cream Soda Day – June 20

National Hollerin’ Contest Day/Summer Solstice – June 21

National Catfish Day – June 25

Sunglasses Day – June 27

Waffle Iron Day – June 29

International Joke Day – July 1

Compliment Your Mirror Day – July 3

Independence Day – July 4

Fried Chicken Day – July 6

Video Games Day – July 8

Cheer Up the Lonely Day – July 11

Cow Appreciation Day – July 15

Peach Ice Cream Day – July 17

Hammock Day – July 22

Hot Dog/Vanilla Ice Cream Day – July 23

Have an Adventure

To get after all these awesome ideas for the next two months or so, you’re going to need some gear. For example, check out Jeep’s collapsible cooler for the Cherokee. This cooler can be latched into place thanks to a notched arm built into the Cherokee’s trunk. A review from found it effective at keeping large amounts of ice and drinks cool for massive amounts of time.



You might also consider some camping gear from Jeep. There’s the emergency fire starter that fits onto a key chain:


A high-powered camping lantern:


Wrap and Roll sleeping bag:


Emergency charger/flashlight:


And of course the Sundome tent:


Whatever your plans for the summer, it would help to know that your Jeep is ready to go with the bare essentials whenever you are. That’s how we like to think of summer, anyway.

Need Things To Do?

Besides choosing your own adventure, it’s also easy to join in with what other people are doing. Thankfully, there are lots of things already planned out like crab feasts, outdoor movies, dance workshops, exercise challenges and more.

Lots of things are more fun the longer you anticipated them. Take the time to put some things on your calendar now; it will give the summer a sense of purpose and help you to enjoy it even more. Go on Google; get on Bing; check out a map for places in the state that you’ve never visited. It could be a waterfall in the middle of nowhere, or a lake you forgot about. Make the summer yours!

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