The 3 Best Upcoming Gadgets of 2016 from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show, held every January in Las Vegas, is a preview of technology for the coming year. It’s a giant trade show where electronics makers show off what they’re working on and what people will be scrambling to buy next Christmas.

Below are three sweet devices that caught our eye:

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.58.04 PM

The Petnet SmartFeeder is a food container for your dog, cat, or duck that can be controlled via smartphone. This lets you remotely dole out whatever portion size you choose with just a few taps.

For pet owners who are trying to manage their pet’s weight, this is a cool tool. Or perhaps you’re working late and want to make sure your pet doesn’t miss his or her dinner.

In either case, the SmartFeeder will let you order food, measure how much your pet is eating, come up with nutrition plans specifically for your pet, and manage how much they can eat and when.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 2.58.21 PM

Withings Thermo is a digital thermometer that doesn’t go in your ear, mouth, or anywhere else.

A bunch of infrared scanners grab your temperature after a mere two seconds against your temple.

So simple a baby could use it (for accuracy, ask an adult to take your temperature), this could make sick people feel slightly less hostile about “traditional” medicine.


For all the times you’ve slid your eyes over a cupcake and wondered what makes it so delectable, the scio DietSensor could have helped.

For diabetics or anyone curious about the chemical makeup of food, this device’s selling point is its ability to scan any food or drink and send a detailed readout of the food’s composition to your smartphone.

It’s like X-Ray vision for the hungry. If you have an almond allergy and are tempted by a piece of cheese that smells like almond, this could save your life.


Will life go on without these gadgets? Sure. But remember why we liked the Jetsons: they were dope people with amazing technology that provided a vision of the future. Small advances like the above are helping us to get there one purchase at a time.

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